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Experts Warned of 2008 Crash – Why You Should Listen to Them About 401k To Gold Ira Rollovers Today


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This video, produced in 2018, has some extremely sound advice for today, 2023, nearly 15 years later. Below is the video transcript: Read and watch, and enjoy. But most of all, click the link to discover how you can “be ready” for what is coming!


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If you're one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason, then I think that you're going to be able to appreciate this video and what you're about to see. Back in 2008, when the crash happened, a couple of these guys that you're going to watch today were saying, telling, and warning the people that it was about to happen, and nobody was listening.


Formerly Wealthy Investor Shares His Experience of Losing Everything in 2008 and Warns of a Coming Crash 10 Times Worse Than Before

I was one of those people. Now those same people are saying the same thing, only this time they say the crash is going to be 10 times worse than the one that we had back in '08.

I was one of those types of persons; I thought that I was protected, I was doing really well, and business was booming. In 2008, I made almost three million dollars that year, and in a matter of months, I can't explain to you the fear, the terror, and the humiliation of all of that dissipating and dissolving before your very eyes, and there's nothing that you can do. I had all the toys. I had a million-dollar house. I had a good family.

I thought that everything was the way it should be. And according to the street gurus, I thought I was protected; I thought I had everything diversified in the way I needed it to be so that I could survive any kind of recession; I thought I was recession proof.


Experts Warn of Potential Market Turmoil Despite Trump's Election and Optimism

Unbeknownst to me, when 2008 happened, there was nothing that could have prepared me or protected me for what was coming. I want you to go ahead and watch what these experts are saying and what is about to happen in the market. Now that people have elected Donald Trump, they're very optimistic.

Optimistic people don't buy gold. Right, they're buying the Dow Jones. Why are they so optimistic? because they believe that Trump is going to make America great again. somehow he's going to drain the swamp, and he is going to fix all the problems that Obama created.

Well, the problem is that the problems that Obama created predate Obama.


Former Victim of Economic Turmoil Shares Insights on Protecting Your Retirement with 401k To Gold Ira Rollover

These problems have been building up for a long time, and there's absolutely nothing that Donald Trump is going to do that's going to change that. In fact, it's far more likely that the problems that were exacerbated under the Obama administration are going to blow up under the Trump administration. I started out this video with the hope that if you're one of those people who believes that everything happens for a reason, you can appreciate it. I've come to the conclusion that the reason why this happened to me back in 2008 is so that I could come out now and warn people, like myself back then, about how to protect themselves this time when it happens again.

I'm very passionate about wanting to protect other people from what happened to me. I lost everything. I lost my house. I lost everything that I had acquired, including my family. and that is not a very good feeling or position to be in.

So I want you to put yourself at ease because I'm not here to sell you anything.


Take Control of Your Financial Future with 401k To Gold Ira Rollover

I'm very passionate about trying to help people protect themselves and take control of their own financial well-being. and it really doesn't matter what financial position you're in, whether you're saving for retirement, whether you are retired, whether you're in the market professionally, or whether you trade the market. I want to help people avoid what happened to me back in 2008. And the best way that I can see is that you take control of your life, your financial life, by being able to be the bank.

You don't have anybody in control of your money but you. Now's the time to take action. Now's the time to do something before the market starts to crash. When it starts to crash, now is not the time to try to move your money around or get into something. because it's really difficult in those times to get your assets liquefied so that you can get into something else.

Trust me, I've been there and done that. So don't act in desperation. Be proactive and get started today.


Expert Guidance on Starting Your 401k To Gold Ira Rollover Journey

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