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Protect Your Retirement Nest Egg
at all Costs, with
a Gold IRA

In your stage of life, your Retirement Account is King!

With today's (May 2024) extreme inflation and global uncertainty, adding gold or other precious metals to your retirement portfolio through a Gold IRA may be the best way to protect its value and deliver peace of mind to you and your family.

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New Gold IRAs


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Discover all about investing in many types of Precious Metals.

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Gold Investing 101


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Most Reputable Gold Compnaies


Our team of Professionals have evaluated and reviewed the Top Gold Companies in the market. For each qualifying Gold Company, learn the advantages, the disadvantages, the processes involved and even read reviews from actual customers. 

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Gold IRA

Will You Have Enough To Retire?

Our retirement calculator determines the amount required for retirement savings. To ensure that you have a long-term perspective, we suppose you will live to be 92 years old. The results provide a general estimate of the amount required. The results are provided in future dollars (at retirement), estimated with a 3.0% inflation rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments are a fantastic way to invest with confidence. Unlike the fluctuating stock market, the value of precious metals tends to be quite stable. They are rare, limited in quantity, and in high demand because of this scarcity.

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments provide portfolio diversification. Establishing a diversified portfolio is highly recommended in case the stock market suddenly drops in value. A retirement plan might be severely compromised by a stock market crash if all of the retiree's assets are invested in equities. Holding part of your wealth in precious metals, however, will cushion the blow.

When the time comes to sell, precious metals are simple to sell. They're in great demand, so liquidity is never a problem. In fact, gold is considered by some to be the 2nd most liquid asset in the world. And liquidity (the ability to sell quickly) is vital when investing.

Of course the best time to buy any investment asset is when its price is lowest. Timing the bottom is never simple, but there are indicators that can help you determine if now is a good moment to put your money into precious metals. Gold's price tends to increase when the market is in a downturn. And with the DOW at a two-year low, the timing might be perfect.

A knowledge of stock market futures might assist you when choosing the best time to buy gold. Similarly, when central banks announce plans to create additional currency, the price of gold tends to rise since its worth increases as that of the national currency decreases.

A Gold IRA is simply a self-directed IRA in which gold is the asset of choice. IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. Instead of stocks and bonds as the investments, which are typical of standard IRAs, gold IRAs enable its holders to put their money into precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Gold IRAs provide the same tax benefits as traditional IRAs but may have slightly higher costs.

A Gold IRA might be a good way to diversify your holdings away from only equities and bonds. In many cases, you can convert your current IRA into a Gold IRA by rolling it over.

The optimal allocation of one's investment portfolio toward gold will be different for everyone. Think about how old you are and how much experience you have with various forms of investments when making a decision. Experts recommend avoiding riskier assets as you near retirement age. You may feel more confident taking a larger risk and investing more money in gold if you still have several years before you retire.

By keeping a careful eye on gold's price and the stock market, you may adjust the amount of gold in your portfolio. However, if you don't act swiftly, you stand a greater chance of losing a lot of money, making this a riskier option.

You may buy gold from coin or bullion dealers. If you'd rather make a cash purchase, you may try looking for a bullion dealer or coin store in your neighborhood. Reading up on a dealer's background and reputation is a good idea before paying them a visit. If you want to avoid being ripped off, you should also find out how much gold is worth right now and carry that information with you.

There are several places to invest in gold online in addition to traditional brick-and-mortar facilities. If you're looking to build a self-directed IRA or just diversify your own investment portfolio, there is a wide variety of gold coins and bars to choose from. Also, before doing business with a gold investment firm, it's smart to see what other customers have to say about their experience with the firm.

Most investment experts suggest that one should not put "all your eggs in the gold basket". As all investing can be volatile, investing in counter-directional assets (stocks vs gold, for example) can hedge catastrophic loss. And keep in mind that investing all of one's wealth in gold would be vulnerable to the same risks as all of one's wealth in the stock market.

Diversification is the key to wealth protection. Any losses in value would be spread throughout your whole portfolio if any of the investment's price dropped.

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