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Buy Physical Gold


Diversfying your portfolio is key for financial success, no matter whether your plan is preserving wealth or saving for retirement, buying gold is investing in an asset that is as old as civilization itself.


No other asset provides better value for money or comparable level of privacy, security and liquidity. The value of gold is calculated by the free market and doesn't rely on banks, stock markets, or governments.


Physical Gold provides Balance to any Portfolio.


Gold price generally move independent of stocks and bonds. In an economic downturn, gold could provide the security and liquidity your portfolio needs. Its low correlation to other assets makes gold the ideal asset for balancing any portfolio.


This is one of the reasons why many investors buy physical gold as long-term investment. If you are planning to hold an asset like physical gold for 3-5 years or more, it is significantly less important to consider the current cost of the metal and more relevant to look at its historical performance in comparison to other investments.


Physical Gold is the greatest monetary insurance policy.


Due to the fact that the global supply is relatively finite, gold's value has historically remained stable throughout inflationary periods.


Nations around the world are facing unparalleled levels of sovereign debt, and this balance will come due. Unfortunately, governments such as the United States are obsessed with only one solution to their debt problems: inflation.


The US is on auto-pilot in direction of the irreparable demolition of the dollar with its inflationary monetary policies. Buying physical gold is one of the best and easiest ways to protect yourself and your family from that destruction and increase your wealth in the process.


Physical Gold has Worldwide Demand.


An ounce of gold is the same ounce of gold with the same recognized value anywhere in the world. This makes physical gold easy to trade.


Physical Gold has Emotional Value.


Many gold coins or fine jewels continue in families for generations. Even over decades, each person realizes the value of their inheritance. Physical gold is the best way of passing tangible wealth to future generations.

Physical Gold

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Gold American Eagle Coin

Buy Gold Coins.

The main two kinds of gold coins are bullion and numismatic, bullion coins are legal tender in the country of issue. The market value of bullion coins is set by the value of their fine gold content, along with a premium that may vary among dealers. Do not confuse bullion coins with numismatic or commemorative collectors coins, which value depends on their design, rarity, and finish instead of merely their fine gold content.

The Perfect Option for New Investors.

Buy Gold Bars.

The Most Affordable Gold for Invest.

Credit Suisse Gold Bar

Gold bars can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and weights up to 1kg. Just like bullion coins, gold bars contain a minimum 99.5pc gold. Gold bars are easily accessible to the private investor and you can invest in quite small amounts of gold, a 2.5g bar costs about US $70, for example.

Buy Gold Jewellery.

Women's Choice for Investing in Gold.

Gold Jewellery

Purchasing gold jewellery for investment purposes is a very popular choice among women investors. When used primarily for investment purposes, gold jewellery is usually fairly plain and of high caratage (21-24 carat). One of the main advantages of buying gold jewellery is its good correlation to gold price, even though not as close as with bars and coins, another benefit is that gold jewels are easy to buy and sell. Gold jewellery is more linked to fashion trends, when jewellery has to be liquidated, the investor can add the craftsmanship value.

The Best Choice for any Gold Accumulation Plan.


Karatbars gold bullion cards guarantee value stability and serve as a means of financial security in tough economic times. Karatbars can be used as a method of payment and also as a medium of exchange. Owning gold in smaller size and quantities is the perfect choice to start a weekly or monthly Gold Accumulation Plan. Karatbars are more transaction friendly, are very easy to store and trade. They have a gold ingot 999,9 finest quality gold, embedded into a standard credit-card size.

Even in times of strong financial and economic crisis, it is always important to buy small units of physical gold in order to secure your own future capital.

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